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Meditation Supplies, Home Altars, And Accessories | Boon Décor

Meditation Supplies, Home Altars, And Accessories | Boon Décor
The wood home altars,wood gong stands, brocade altar cloths, and the entire selection of gong cushions that you will find on this page were designed and crafted by Boon Decor. Browse this section to find these and other ideas for setting up your home altar and/or sacred space. See our separate section that features an extensive selection of incense and incense holders. SCROLL DOWN, CLICK ON IMAGES AND SCROLL AGAIN FOR SELECTION, PRICING, AND ORDERING INFORMATION.

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

Martin Luther King

Altar Cabinet - Golden Lotus Design - Wood
Home Altar Cabinet  - Wood
Altar Table with Drawers
The OM Home Altar Box
Altar or Tea Tray with Drawer
Zen Altar  Or Accent Table
Accent Table or Home Altar - Solid Pine Wood
Accent Table or Altar - Square Solid Pine
Home Altar or Accent Table - Thai Folk Art Style
Wood Altar or Display Base - Pine Wood
Altar or Accent Table - Wood with Inlay Bamboo - Out of Stock
Zen Style Altar Or ConsoleTable
Altar/Accent Nesting Table Set of Two - Thai Pine Wood
Altar Box With Lid - Wood
Home Altar Tray - Wood w/Embroidered Tatami InlayBamboo Altar or Display Stand
Raised Altarl or OfferingTray - Wood w/Tatami Mat
Butsudan Altar Cabinet Set - Small
Butsudan Altar Cabinet - Large
Altar Mat or Place Mat - Silk Trim Woven Tatami - Reversible: One each reversible Burgandy/Purple or Olive/gold Left in Stock
Altar Mat or Place Mat -  Tatami w/Japanese Kimono Silk Floral Print Accent
Altar Mat or Place Mat - Tatami w/Silk "Jewel" Brocade Trim - Reversible
Altar Mat - Solid Silk-Blend with Silk "Jewel" Brocade Trim
Benjarong Porcelain Covered Jars - Classic Shape With Raised "Jewel" Designs
Benjarong Porcelain Covered Jars - Traditional Shape Raised Designs
Porcelain Altar Jar w/Lid  - Renowned "Benjarong" Porcelain
Altar Cloth Or Wall Hangings - Embroidered DesignsAltar Cloth Or Wall Hanging - Embroidered Designs w/ Brocade Silk Trims
Wall Hanger for Altar Cloths
CD "The Mantra of Great Compassion" - Tibetan & Chinese Chanting/Music
Gong Bowls - Hammered BrassGong Bowl Sets - Hammered Brass - Black Lacqure
Gong Cushions - Silk Brocade FabricsSinging Bowls - Spun Brass Rin Gong
Gong/Singing Bowl Cushions - Square Silk BrocadesSinging Bowl Sets - Spun Brass Rin Gong
Gong Cushion - Global Weave FabricsGong Cushions - Hand Stitched
Gong & Singing Bowl Strikers - Wood w/Brocade FabricsSinging Bowl Striker - Gong Striker - Wood
Silk Gong Cushion - Small
Gong Cushion - Singing Bowl Cushion - Medium
Gong Bowl Cushion - Singing Bowl Cushion -  Large
Burmese Temple Gong - Solid Bronze
Gong Stand - Wood - Small
Gong Stand -  Wood - Medium
Gong Stand - Wood - Large
Gong Stand - Wood - Extra Large - DISCONTINUED
"Dharma" Messenger Bag - 100% Cotton Canvas Dharma Supply Carry BagMeditation Cotton Shirts - Hand Loomed
T-Shirts  w/Sacred Symbol Designs - Silk-Screened on 100% CottonTee shirts with Eight Auspicious Symbols
Women's Tee Shirts - Silk-screened Sacrad Symbols - 100% Organic CottonHand-Loomed Ikat Pattern Shawls - Pure Organic Cotton
Mala  Bags - Japanese Silk PrintsTatami Mats - Folding Tie-Dyed
Bamboo Tile Area Mat
Tatami Mat w/Matching Cary Case - Padded Tie-Dyed
Tatami Mat - Shag Fringe Tie-DyedTatami Roll-Up Meditation or Beach Mat - Hand-Dyed & Woven w/Tie Straps
Kuan Yin Greeting Cards
Silk Throw Pillow - "Om Buddha Hand"
Throw Pillow - Om Lotus Design
Zen  Sand Garden - Rectangular
Zen Garden - Round