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Wall Hanging - The Eight Auspicious Symbols Mandala

Wall Hanging - The Eight Auspicious Symbols Mandala
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Wall Hanging - The Eight Auspicious Symbols Mandala
The eight auspicious symbols represent the offerings presented to Shakyamuni Buddha upon his attainment of enlightenment. They are believed to create joy, harmony and peace in the home. We had the eight symbols embroidered in gold and silver silk thread in our new Mandala design on luxurious burgundy fabric framed with an elegant border of iridescent saffron brocade Thai silk to create a stunning piece of wall art. Each wall hanging comes with wooden dowels and silk cord with wood beads for hanging and a detailed explanation of the symbols and their history. Bring good fortune into your home, office, or sacred space. 17" wide x 28.5" long. Made in Thailand. SCROLL DOWN FOR MEANINGS OF EACH SYMBOL.

PARASOL - Symbolizes protection from suffering and harmful forces.

PAIR OF GOLDEN FISHES - Represents happiness and freedom from restraints of cast and status.

TREASURE VASE - The divine "vase of Plenty" is the symbol of real wealth: a life of real preace, happiness, comfort and joy.

LOTUS - The Buddhist symbol of purity and renunciation. The lotus rises to the surface of the pond to bloom in the light. Those who practice the teaching of Buddha rise from ignorance toward truth and enlightenment.

SPIRALING CONCH SHELL - Symbolizes Buddha's call to all beings to awaken and work for the benefit of others.

ENDLESS KNOT - Symbolizes longevity, continuity, love, and harmony.

VICTORIOUS BANNER - Symbol of victory over the obstacles to spiritual progress and enlightenment.

GOLDEN WHEEL OF DHARMA - Represents the Buddha's teachings: the wheel of transformation set in motion by Buddha, (the Eightfold Noble Path) and its transmission to the eight directions of the world.